Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility

Students Applicatipn Form

Two universities are available now: 1. University of Barcelona, Spain ( Deadline is February 28), 2. Anadolu University, Turkey, (Deadline is March 06), *** when filling the application: do not use any special characters, and fill the three choices in the filed; Choose your host university ***

To qualify for applying, you should satisfy the following:

  • Should be currently enrolled as a full time student at PSUT.
  • Should have successfully completed at least two semesters at PSUT.
  • Should have successfuly achieved an accumulative average of minimum "Good".

Personal Information
First Name:
Middle Name:
Family Name:
Student Number:
Number of Credit Hours Completed:
Cummulative Point Average:
Phone Number:
English Proficiency (Upload Document):
Choose your host university (1 choice at least)
Previous Mobility:
Semester(s) Applying for:

Please note the following::

  • Any missing information can cause deletion of your application
  • The learning agreement should be signed by the academic department.
  • Students should spend at least one semester at PSUT prior to graduation after returning from their mobility
  • Uploaded files should not exceed 3MB
  • You must upload the following documents in PDF format :

* Passport Copy:
* Learning Agreement:
* Language Certificate:
Other Support Document (If any):
International Relations Office, Princess Sumaya University for Technology P. O. Box 1438, Al-Jubaiha 11941, Amman, Jordan, Office: +962 6 5359949,